A guide to Berkeley park life

With the fantastic weather we’ve been having lately, parks are a great place to go to relax, soak up the sun and even get some studying done. Why force  yourself into a stuffy library on a nice day when you might as well kick it on the grass outside? The
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Live Oak Park Festival

The 42nd annual Live Oak Park festival featured 110 artists and craftsmen as well as live music on June 9th and 10th in Berkeley.

Photo Gallery: Live Oak Park Fair

This weekend marked the 42nd Annual Live Oak Park Fair, a free 2-day family event featuring over 100 artists and craftspeople. The fair is located in Live Oak Park near Gourmet Ghetto. June 9-10 artists showcased a variety of work including: contemporary art, fine crafts, handcrafted jewelry & accessories, clothing,
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Faces of Berkeley: Jan Etre, local artist

Berkeley resident organizes annual fair showcasing artists' talent

Beneath a canopy of redwood and oak, Jan Etre lounges peacefully on the grounds of Live Oak Park in northeast Berkeley — a site that will soon be saturated by the influx of tents, exhibitors and fair-goers when the 42nd Annual Live Oak Park Fair begins this weekend. Though the fair
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