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The case for ghosting

Off the Beat

I give myself permission to experience loneliness in this isolation, and I challenge myself to even come to prefer it over the company of others.
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The lonely generation

Bear in Mind

Despite being surrounded by people in class, at work and in clubs, I constantly feel utterly isolated, completely alone.
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I don’t believe in unicorns

Mommy Issues

In high school, I was a rebel. I ditched class, roamed around at night, ignored my parents’ calls. I drank, I smoked, I took the family car out for joy rides — I did it all. In the quiet suburban neighborhood I grew up in, my behavior was notably frowned
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Two sperm walk into a bar

So, these two sperm walk into a bar. I know what you’re thinking, “How could two sperm walk into a bar? They’re way too young!” But, it was midweek and, you know, with the economy how it is, things can happen. Sperm 1: I’m really glad we’re seeing each other
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