Berkeley Underground Scholars works to build prison-to-university pipeline

Photo of Berkeley Underground Scholars website
Theo Wyss-Flamm/Senior Staff
Berkeley Underground Scholars, in conjunction with Underground Scholars Initiative, which was founded with goals to get resources and support for system-impacted students, are working to build a prison-to-university pipeline.

BUS’ mission is to provide incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students with the opportunity to pursue higher education.
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Disability activists honor life, legacy of Ed Roberts

Roberts, who had post-polio quadriplegia, decided to attend UC Berkeley in 1962 despite the fact that the campus had no accommodations for people with severe disabilities. His advocacy opened the school to more students with disabilities and created the Physically Disabled Student’s Program and then the Center for Independent Living.
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Mayor Tom Bates to retire from position after 14 years in office

After 14 years as mayor of Berkeley — the longest tenure in the city’s history — and 38 years of public office, Tom Bates, age 78, has decided to retire. It marks the end of a long career of public service that was punctuated with significant accomplishments that benefited many, from people with disabilities to Berkeley youth to local breweries and sports fanatics.
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