Waiting on Woj

More specifically, these tweets have been coined “Woj Bombs,” which have evolved into an obsession for his 3.8 million followers, who consistently wait for news that their team’s fate is about to take a turn for the better.
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Reckless endangerment of a career

Run It Back

Since the Ball family’s initial rise to fame, they have been a walking media sensation, so much so that the family now has its own television show — it was the only realistic course of action given the world we inhabit after all. I’m not here to discuss my opinion
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Fickle pickles and fickler prospects

All Falls Down

Summer is the time for projects. The lack of overbearing schoolwork and beautiful absolution of academic deadlines leaves one wanting for a new and passionate pursuit — one that, perhaps, won’t be given a letter grade, or require agonization the night before. The sun’s out and looking gorgeous, the fruit
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