Top 10 films of the year

1. The Master Out of all the films to debut in 2012, none was quite as daring, ambitious or compelling as “There Will Be Blood” director Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest dissertation on the complexities of existence, “The Master.” Sweeping cinematography brings to life a poignant script set to a mesmerizing
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Kick back with a SUPERB dose

Lack of funding keeps SUPERB from achieving full potential in putting on events

Johnny Depp. Michael Moore. Dr. Dog Poker tournaments. Campus MovieFest. Though you may have heard the buzz about all of these entertainers and events coming to UC Berkeley’s campus in the past couple of years, you’ve likely never asked yourself who was behind all of these incredible shows. It is
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Film Fridays: ‘Looper,’ ‘The Hobbit,’ ‘Hitchcock’

The big news this week was the overwhelming success of the Toronto Film Festival with The Guardian labeling it a serious challenge to Venice and Berlin’s preeminence on the international festival circuit. Rian Johnson’s Neo-noir “Looper” was premiered there last week to rapturous praise. Some even called it the best sci-fi
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