5 study albums that purport to be cool

Whether you are in the library or at a cafe, put any of these albums on and leave the Spotify window open to impress the person studying next to you on the off chance they might accidentally glance over. They’ll silently be intimidated by your hip music, and you’ll feel really cool.
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Tunesday: Freedom

“Wow, a summer playlist called ‘Freedom’?” Yeah. It’s good. And freedom is no joke, so if that’s your attitude this Tunesday, let the wet finger of shame sit in your ear for a hot second. Yay, summer! Though the carefree season is in its death throes, fall is right around
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On the Dirty Boulevard

Man Under Bridge

The American Standard: What is it, or what should it be? Politicians, philosophers, art­ists and just about everyone else have some opinion on the subject. Perhaps it’s a claim to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or maybe it’s an ideology more closely related to that intangible thing we
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