21 in America

Off the Beat

I turned 21 in London. It was in the last weeks of my year abroad. The shifts that occurred after the election appeared to me the way an earthquake might to a seismologist a thousand miles away.
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Feminist finds unlikely allies

Now, I’m not saying these guys are perfect. Far from it, in fact. I’m not even saying they’re feminists. That’s Ryan Gosling’s thing, and I wouldn’t dare try to steal any thunder from the demigod of male feminists. It would be idolatry and, I’d  have to answer to the high
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Stand-up comedian proves that wit can be classy

Cobb’s Comedy Club’s two drink minimum policy may be intended to liquor up its audience — thereby rendering every comedian side-splittingly funny — but no social lubrication was required for John Mulaney, former “Saturday Night Live” writer (remember Stefon, anyone?) who performed standup on July 13 in the North Beach
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America Online

Life in the Matrix

01010111011. In other words, welcome 2 the information age. Before you click away from this article, let me suggest that you’re living a life entirely more convenient, more expansive, more open to infinite exploration and possibility than has ever before been lived by any generation on this (now completely digitally
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