Love, language and cigarettes

Off the Beat

Platonic love is a slow, sustained burn with bright flashes of color, like throwing salts into a fire. By necessity or otherwise, I think queer people have always known this
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Curves are full of surprises

In My Size

While I sat in my class, the words “men only laugh at curvy girls” replayed in my head. I imagined Hector was laughing at my body with his friends all this time. I tried to hold back my tears, thinking he only walked me to my class out of pity.
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Editor’s Note: Valentine’s Day 2019

Whether you’re deeply committed to a lifelong relationship or you’re still trying to decipher every single thing your crush has ever done to figure out if they like you back or not, or you’re just in it for the candy and the capitalism, we at the Clog are here to make your Valentine’s Day all you’ve ever dreamed of.
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