Something about a goodbye

It’s in all the little mannerisms and phrases I’ve stolen from “you”, it’s in the way I dress and the way I define love; all little pieces of you that are stitched into my identity, woven seamlessly into my life, seasoning all of my experiences like a familiar recipe.
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photo of a mother and daughter

A timeline of us: A poem

1972 South Korea. Black hair and almond eyes and parted lips; impatience intertwined with red blood. It is quiet and you are crying: a baby swaddled in fragmented memories and a mother’s tears. The air is smoky, sweet, sea-foam blue and pearly pink. An attempt to speak leads to a
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Photo of Elise Kim

You saved me

Things I Didn't Say

I have been saved from different things at different points in my life. Funnily enough, none of those moments involved Prince Charming.
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