Shared burden for Lower Sproul

On Sproul redevelopment, campus must start to meet students halfway

With the start of the fall 2012 semester, we, the students and the campus, began a process of physically transforming the landscape of UC Berkeley. Beginning with the passing of the B.E.A.R.S initiative in spring 2010, we voted to raise our own student fees to the tune of $124 million
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Curb your spending


To the amazement of our ASUC wallet, the Senate Finance committee began the year assuming far more fiscal conservatism than in previous years, and established sound precedents. Unsurprisingly, disruption recently reversed this trend, and was not based on rational reasoning, but on rash financial legislation. Pandora’s Box was torn open as the ASUC Senate recently decided to fund charitable goods, reminding us that recipes of fiscal irresponsibility breed insurmountable deficits.
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Renovation to Lower Sproul Plaza continues into fall

With the relocation of the UC Berkeley Career Center to Bancroft Way, this summer began the extensive $223 million renovation of the Lower Sproul Plaza that will continue in through the fall, designed to make the area more lively for students by improving the area’s functionality, safety and overall appearance.
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Eshleman Hall to be demolished months later than projected

Contrary to previous expectations, Eshleman Hall, a building that houses dozens of student groups, will now be demolished in spring 2013 — several months later than originally projected. Prompted by the B.E.A.R.S. Initiative in 2010, the demolition of the building is part of the larger multimillion dollar Lower Sproul Plaza
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English Studies Institute faces uncertainty over lease agreement

Members of an English language instruction program at UC Berkeley are uncertain about their future place on campus as plans for a major construction project push forward. The English Studies Institute currently leases space on the fourth floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building. That lease expires
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