Get ‘Lucky’ every day with this new app

Berkeley students are known for a variety of things — good grades, protesting, an undeniable love of boba and being incredibly unlucky in regards to football. However, with the creation of new app “Lucky” from Cal grads Jon Liu and Jeff Wang, students at Berkeley can be the most connected too.
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Your guide to April Oakland Art Murmur

Oakland Art Murmur gets new life with a spring art selection for April’s calendar

“Storytellers” If you enjoy people-watching, you will enjoy Jhina Alvarado-Morse’s vintage film-still protagonists in her newest series, “Storytellers,” opening at Manna Gallery on Friday. Our habit of contemplating a person’s life based on a glance causes us to imagine pasts and futures for Alvarado-Morse’s familiar-seeming subjects — and you don’t
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