The last of the champions

Truels of Engagement

Nerds have overrun Fort Mason. None of the coastal batteries or fortifications could hold back this roiling, unkempt tide. Where battleships once docked and carried nearly two-thirds of the total American personnel deployed in the Pacific during World War II, a few overweight 30-year-olds with messenger bags and prolix t-shirts
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Notes from a ‘real’ gamer

Orie Guo’s room is a mess. There are papers, plates and bags of half-eaten snacks scattered across his desk next to a large, high-definition computer screen. In the corner of the room, darkened by the drawn blinds, there is a pile of at least seven or eight 2-liter Dr. Pepper
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Livin’ in a gamer’s paradise

They are everywhere. They walk among us in the daytime and appear no different from you or I — they are neighbors, friends and co-workers. But come dusk they undergo a startling transformation. They occupy the back rooms and clandestine chambers of your cities, passing ghostlike through the streets and
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