UC Berkeley senior starts crowd-funding campaign to support family

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff
UC Berkeley fifth-year Janette Meraz started a crowd-funding campaign to support her family after her mother lost her job in September: If Meraz cannot raise the money, she or her sister may have to take a semester off school.

The morning sky was still dark when UC Berkeley fifth-year Janette Meraz and her family joined the growing line at a San Diego food bank, trying to keep themselves warm with blankets and attempting to sleep on the cold concrete.
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Occupy Cal assembly decides not to camp overnight

After discussing issues from police brutality and racism to procedures for making proposals at future meetings, Occupy Cal protesters voted Thursday evening not to camp with tents in Sproul Plaza that night. Eighty-six protesters voted against setting up tents, 20 voted for the proposal and 21 abstained. The Occupy Cal
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UC Berkeley Day of Action planned for Wednesday

As Nov. 9 — dubbed a “Day of Action for Public Education” — approaches, UC Berkeley students, faculty and campus leaders are expected to come out to protest against budget cuts and tuition hikes in California public universities. According to organizers, the all-day Wednesday protest is scheduled to kick off
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UC Berkeley student leaders respond to bake sale

Campus Republicans' group could lose funding over event

Student leaders from various organizations have publicly denounced the Berkeley College Republicans’ plans to hold an “Increase Diversity Bake Sale,” where the race of the consumer would determine the price of a baked good. The bake sale is intended to protest the Affirmative Action-like bill, SB 185 — currently awaiting
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City commission closes March 3 crowd control complaint

The Berkeley Police Review Commission voted at a meeting Wednesday night to close a policy complaint raised earlier this year regarding police use of force and crowd control tactics at the protests on the UC Berkeley campus in March. The complaint — brought March 17 by Copwatch member Andrea Prichett
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