Berkeley City Council considers hiring 25 police officers

Photo of the Berkeley Police Department
Ganesh Pimpale/Staff
Berkeley community members voice concerns over Berkeley City Council's potential decision to allow the Berkeley Police Department to hire more police officers.

The Berkeley City Council is considering authorizing the Berkeley Police Department’s request to hire 25 additional police officers and add 7 dispatch positions due to understaffing concerns, according to a special City Council meeting held Oct. 19. 
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Photo of Berkeley Police station

Berkeley police officers don LGBTQ+ Pride pins, locals disapprove

Berkeley police department, or BPD, announced in a press release on June 1 that officers can wear queer pride pins to “support” the queer community.

Berkeley Police Department, or BPD, announced in a press release June 1 that officers will be allowed to wear queer pride pins — a decision made in “commitment to, and support of,” the LGBTQ+ community.
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