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Artist in Progress

At 6 p.m. Berkeley time in an airy blue building on upper Bancroft Way, a group of students will gather in a circle every week around a table. One by one, they will walk up, momentarily wrestle with a matchbox until it produces sharp pop of smoke and flame and
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Falling in Love

UC Berkeley student and rapper Kaila Love dishes on her background and inspirations

“It’s all about energy; when you catch a flow, you’re maybe starting out with a couple words and a contact or a rhyme but you literally catch it. You can feel the energy building,” Kaila Love said when asked if one could learn freestyle. Like her response, her energy caught
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State prison realignment less of a burden on local counties

California’s dramatic prison realignment plan enacted this month appears to be less of a burden for the counties around Berkeley than in other parts of the state. An attempt to reduce prison overpopulation and rates of repeat offense, Gov. Jerry Brown’s realignment plan — which went into effect Oct.1 under
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