Got this feeling on a summer day: Top Bay Area spots to catch the sunset

Sunny Shen/Staff

Ah, summer. With the air getting warmer and the days getting longer, my favorite time of year is almost upon us. Whether you’re planning to road trip down the California coast or make bank at your new internship, there’s no better way to end these hot summer days than by watching the sunset. Here are the best spots in and around Berkeley to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunset views you’ll ever see. 
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Places to go on Earth Day around the bay

Earth Day is quickly approaching, and maybe it’s all the “Berkeley hippie” nonsense finally taking a toll on you, but you feel like you should celebrate … but how? Well, fear not, dear reader, the Clog has you covered with a list of the best Bay Area sites to spend
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Trip to the Marin Headlands

Have the day off class or work and want to get out of Berkeley? Head over to Sausalito for some breathtaking views and some awesome photo-taking opportunities. Two things to keep in mind: Don’t go during the middle of traffic (like we did), and go on a clear day because
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