UC Berkeley ranked 2nd-most progressive college in US

photo of UC Berkeley campus
Ryan Kendrick /Staff
UC Berkeley was ranked second in a list of the 40 most progressive U.S. schools. The study, issued by Degreechoices.com, used five categories for its rankings: diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, freedom of speech and health and well-being.

Out of the 40 universities in the United States that were included in the ranking, campus only fell behind Stanford University with a score of 73.4.  
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Photo of The Daily Californian Office

150 Years of The Daily Californian

We scoured more than 100 years of digital archives to highlight notable events from campus and Daily Cal history. From the very first game at Memorial Stadium to the Milo Yiannopoulos protests, we compiled headlines from nearly every decade since the Daily Cal was founded in 1871. So sit back, relax and take a scroll through history.
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An ode to Berkeley

It is hard to understand what is right or wrong, but to enact true change, we cannot remain passive or become bystanders to history. 
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