Mark Twain Papers project acquires historic letter at auction

photo of Bancroft Library
Ganesh Pimpale /Staff
Bancroft Library is home to the office of Robert Hirst, a significant contributor to the Mark Twain Papers project, which seeks to archive all of Twain’s private papers. A five-page letter, a significant addition to the project, is the earliest known letter written by Twain to somebody outside his family.

This month, thanks to financial backing from donors, the Mark Twain Papers project acquired a letter at auction that bears a unique historical significance.
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Best of Berkeley: Campus 2019

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When every tune tastes like cherry

If someone told you they liked pop music with a casual, “I like a chipper synthesized baseline, a plucky electric guitar and lyrics about adolescent life that make my heart tingle, if you please,” you would probably tell them to simmer down.
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