The city of magnificent intention

Cassie Ippaso /Staff

The deafening siren of my alarm pierced my eardrum until I reluctantly shuffled my arm in search for the source of sound. With only half an eye open, I deciphered the numbers that glowed but two feet away from me — 4:30 a.m. My stomach plummeted. My roommate and I
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How to get married at UC Berkeley

In celebration of the Supreme Court’s Friday decision to recognize marriage equality as a fundamental Constitutional right, we at the Clog have assembled a guide on how to arrange a spectacular wedding at UC Berkeley. For every Bear who bleeds blue, gold, and/or rainbow streaks, we hope you consider UC
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Our generation demands equality

The Political Circus

Ten years ago, the count was at zero. This time next month, it will be at 15. The first state was Massachusetts, on May 17, 2004. The next state will be Hawaii, on Dec. 2, 2013. Same-sex marriage legislation is present in 14 states across the country, encompassing almost 109
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Great dad, awful policy

The Discomfort Zone

This week was a big one for advocates of marriage equality. On Friday, Ohio senator Rob Portman endorsed same-sex marriage, citing his own son’s coming out as the basis for his change of heart. Then on Monday, former Secretary of State and one-time Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton threw her
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Athletes can help strike out bigotry

There’s a major problem in sports. It’s not steroids; it’s not cheating. Not the NBA lockout or the BCS. A couple weeks ago, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson went on a radio show and called someone a word that no one, in polite company or otherwise, should ever utter. The
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