For richer or for poorer

Broke in Berkeley

They came to me in the middle of the night. They were young and beautiful and dressed up like they were about to go out. I had about an hour’s warning, and their knock on the door was light so as to wake no one who wasn’t already up. When
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Off the beat: Till death do us part

One of the things that surprised me most when I came to college was meeting young couples around the area who met in college and are now married with children. For some reason, I’ve always had the impression that marriage was something to worry about after all the studying part
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Loans present threat to families

A massive crisis is quietly building with rapidly burgeoning student college loans caused by equally snowballing increases in college costs: the inability of indebted college students to marry and raise children after graduation. Yet there is an answer to this problem. As noted in a recent article in the Wall
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Strong coffee & bad poems

Champagne Problems

Please sir, can I have some more?” Oliver Twist was just a small, blonde, English orphan with an empty metal bowl and a big dream. He ran out of gruel. He wanted more. So do I, and so, I postulate, do you. Allow me to explain. Is it Thursday already?
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