UC Berkeley scientists take a closer look at human vision

Macroshot of a human eye.
Josh Kahen/Staff
A recent UC Berkeley study reveals that people’s perception of an object’s location and size differs from individual to individual.

From dodging cyclists on the walk to class to playing Ultimate Frisbee on Memorial Glade, people rely every day on the ability to rapidly judge space — but a recent Berkeley study found that vision may not be as dependable as previously thought.
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Campus researchers find cause of discomfort in some 3-D displays

Researchers at UC Berkeley have recently pinpointed a cause of visual discomfort, headaches, eyestrain, and blurry vision when viewing 3-D stereo imagery, according to a study published Friday. Displays utilizing 3-D stereo imagery, including those on mobile devices  do not optimally present 3-D stereo imagery, which results in visual discomfort,
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