The fight for a field

$7 million, 2 Title IX investigations and a damaged women’s field hockey program

In 2013, the UC Berkeley field hockey team was kicked off its longtime home, Maxwell Family Field, by Cal Athletics. Today, the team plays at Underhill Field, a converted recreational field lacking permanent bathrooms, storage, stands or a press platform.
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Maxwell Family Field to reopen Monday

After its closure of more than a year for renovations, the Maxwell Family Field will reopen Monday, serving as a facility for both varsity and intramural sports. According to a statement released Friday by Cal Athletics, the multipurpose field, which sits at the top of a newly opened stadium parking
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Plan ahead for practice fields

CAMPUS ISSUES: If the campus decides to reallocate field space for football practice, it must first take into account the impact on the field hockey team.

If the campus decides to allocate the space above the new parking structure to an additional football practice facility, it must demonstrate an immediate and substantial need for doing so.
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