UC Berkeley ranks as top public university for startup founders, 2nd overall

photo of Wheeler Hall
Can Jozef Saul/Staff
UC Berkeley was ranked as the top public university for startup founders and second for all universities, according to PitchBook’s 2021 university rankings. Haas School of Business programs and growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem around Berkeley contributed to the achievement.

PitchBook’s 2021 university rankings placed UC Berkeley as the top public university for startup founders and second among both private and public universities.
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Localwise (more than a social enterprise)

Want a little more Chipotle and a little less Crossroads? Need to find a part-time job? Know a friend who needs a part-time job? You just might be covered. Localwise is a social enterprise that focuses on two things: part-time jobs and students. Made by recently-graduated UC Berkeley students, for students, put
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Mastering California’s ideals

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The move to make UCLA’s full-time MBA program self-supporting is a step backwards for public higher education in California.

By signing off on a proposal to make UCLA’s full-time graduate MBA program self-supporting, UC President Mark Yudof has given up on the dream for the University of California to remain a public university supported by the state. Last month, Yudof approved the UCLA Anderson School of Management’s proposal to
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