Steve and Lisa

Off the Beat

Whenever my dad drives, I sit in the back. I never know what to say to him, so I perch there. The backrest blossoms into a veneering hedge. I stare out the window. I tune out the small talk.
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Planet Booty’s music is more than just the booty of jokes

Planet Booty wants you to know that they’re not just a joke band. Even though they don skimpy sailor costumes and write songs about — who would’ve thought — booties, they are taking their sound in a more serious direction come June 2, when their second full-length album, Future Sweat,
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Political PR: the good, the bad, the viral

Endorsement videos for presidential candidates and even city officials are taking a strange turn — not only are they going viral on the Internet but they seem to be produced for the sole purpose of going viral. There are YouTube sensations born out of happenstance and there are those that
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