Berkeley City Council discusses city’s Vision 2050 initiative in special meeting

Photo of Berkeley City Council Meeting
Josh Kahen/File
On Tuesday, a special meeting was held virtually by Berkeley City Council to discuss the Vision 2050 initiative, a long-term plan that aims to address issues such as climate change, inequality and increases in population. Pictured here is a Berkeley City Council meeting that took place Nov. 19, 2019.

Berkeley City Council held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss recommendations from the city’s Vision 2050 task force on developing infrastructure.
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Vote yes on Measure R

Many of us are aware of the increasing threat of climate change that faces our planet. In Berkeley, in our classes and in our community, we often discuss sustainability and renewable energy and we push for environmentally friendly initiatives with a grand goal of protecting the earth — but what
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Here’s how you should vote on Berkeley’s four city measures

CITY AFFAIRS: This November, city measures address key issues ranging from housing to rent control. Here’s our take.

The Berkeley ballot for this midterm election takes on some of the city’s most pertinent issues, ranging from affordable housing to infrastructure improvements. Here’s The Daily Californian editorial board’s take on the city of Berkeley’s four proposed measures.
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Development of 16-story hotel moves forward

The development of a 16-story hotel in downtown Berkeley will move forward with a new design, after Measure R – an expansion of regulations on downtown buildings – failed to pass in November, according to a press release last Tuesday.
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Measure R, Green Downtown initiative, fails

Measure R, which would have expanded and implemented more stringent regulations for Downtown buildings and created a Civic Center zoning overlay to protect historic parks and buildings, failed to pass Wednesday with 73.87 percent of Berkeley residents voting against the measure.
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