Make student voices heard in the city this fall

Register to vote in Berkeley and have an active voice in local politics

This year, Cal students have an unprecedented opportunity to have a voice in local Berkeley politics. Currently, Cal students make up about a quarter of Berkeley’s population, but in the last half century, only one student has been elected to Berkeley City Council. The Free Speech Movement — the apex
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Get educated on the measures and go vote

Students can make difference by casting vote in election this fall

It’s been easy to overlook the youth vote — until recently, we’ve been seen as an immobilized voting bloc, to be recruited as volunteers rather than to be courted as a constituency. However, we challenged that notion in 2008 when we more than tripled our turnout as one of the
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Neighborhood groups file lawsuit against city’s Downtown Area Plan

Neighborhood groups filed a lawsuit against the city of Berkeley for alleged violations of environmental procedures in a contentious development plan recently approved by Berkeley City Council. The petition — which was filed May 3 at the Alameda County Superior Court — alleges that the city “improperly approved” the Downtown
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