Berkeley can’t solve homelessness with arbitrary regulations

CITY AFFAIRS: City officials must produce constructive legislation without using dehumanizing rhetoric

If the city of Berkeley wants to create policies that foster a greater sense of community and “quality of life,” it should do so for all of its inhabitants — not just those who can afford Berkeley’s incredibly high housing costs.
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Mayor Tom Bates to retire from position after 14 years in office

After 14 years as mayor of Berkeley — the longest tenure in the city’s history — and 38 years of public office, Tom Bates, age 78, has decided to retire. It marks the end of a long career of public service that was punctuated with significant accomplishments that benefited many, from people with disabilities to Berkeley youth to local breweries and sports fanatics.
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Laws ensuring sidewalks for all walks of life

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley City Council’s new ordinance will criminalize homelessness against public sentiment rather than address root causes of problem.

A city ordinance on its way to being stamped into law would strictly regulate street behavior and encourage Berkeley’s most vulnerable population to move on to other cities without actually solving homelessness or addressing its diverse causes. On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council passed an amendment to Berkeley regulations called “Improve
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Passing an apathetic student district in Berkeley

CAMPUS ISSUES: Voter turnout in District 7 was surprisingly low, and the trend of not voting in midterm elections defeats the purpose of a student district.

While the numbers do not reflect mail-in ballots, we still find them shockingly low — especially considering the important ballot measures up for consideration Tuesday.
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