Oh, to be a woman!

Cal in Color

This is the American media’s concept of a perfect woman. In some ways, even today, it gives me hope. More than that though, it frustrates me.
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Don’t call me daddy

Sex on Tuesday

The lack of sexual support in the media for young women is disappointing but not surprising. Step one is learning to be cognizant of the media we consume. 
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Anna Bernick mug

A call for authentic neurodiverse representation

Having neurotypical people represent neurodiverse roles feels belittling to me. It reduces something so complicated, so nuanced, so weird and beautiful, into a personality trait. Suggesting that autism is a definitive personality trait that anyone can portray, even if they aren’t autistic, isn’t authentic representation.
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Who We Are S01 E02

Opinion editors Aidan Bassett and Kat Shok discuss the power of media representation — and misrepresentation — to influence how younger queer people see themselves and to shape or distort how the queer community appears to the wider world.