Off the beat: Working on foreign soil

I became part of The Daily Californian staff. I courted student organizations at Calapalooza. I visited my friend in her dorm, almost went to New Student Convocation, sniffed out free food on campus and shopped at thrift stores on Telegraph. All this, without actually enrolling at Cal. You see, I have
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Welcome back: Cal vs. Nevada at Memorial Stadium

Watch a video of highlights from the Cal vs. Nevada football game at the recently refurbished Memorial Stadium. Hear from students, fans, head coach Jeff Tedford, and quarterback Zach Maynard.

Video: Take a tour of the new Memorial Stadium

Watch this video of Cal’s refurbished Memorial Stadium and hear from individuals such as Chancellor Birgeneau and head coach Jeff Tedford at the football media press conference.

Berkeley High’s newspaper addresses budget cuts

Berkeley High School’s student newspaper, The Berkeley High Jacket, will face severe reductions beginning in the fall semester, including fewer staff members and print issues. Because the faculty advisor of the newspaper took on an increased course load, the amount of students who can participate in the journalism class responsible
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Broken news

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Fareed Zakaria’s act of plagiarism breaks trust and sheds light on the danger of laziness and hastiness in today’s digital media age.

Integrity is an important aspect of society, and an essential one for journalism. The public has faith in the media, and the media must, in turn, respect and honor that trust and not abuse its power. Fareed Zakaria, a CNN host and Time editor-at-large, broke that trust when he plagiarized in a Time magazine column on gun control, an act he admitted to on Friday.
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Video: Cal Day 2012

Prospective students flooded the campus for the annual Cal Day.  Listen to interviews with several prospective students as they enjoy their Cal Day experience.