Back and Forth: Jeff the 420 Chef

According to reports and stories from the deep dark web, some buddies and Berkeley hearsay, a faction of kids at San Rafael High School in the ‘70s invented the idea of “420,” an exclusive marijuana-inclusive term symbolizing the group’s meeting time to smoke pot from some abandoned crop in town
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Why you can’t get as high as you hoped on legal herbs

Student Bodies

It was freshman year, and I was bored with some friends on Telegraph. Happy High Herbs, a vendor of herbal remedies and supplements, had just opened, and the fluorescent troll painted on the storefront beckoned to us. “Something to do,” it said. When we went inside, we told the proprietors
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City counters federal government suit against Berkeley Patients Group

The city of Berkeley is claiming that the closure of BPG would lead to a significant decrease in city tax revenue and would encourage illegal marijuana sales. The closure would also negate the city’s efforts to implement regulated medical marijuana dispensaries, which it stated “positively impact the health, safety and well-being of all City of Berkeley residents.”
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