Read, Watched, Podcapped: ‘Overdue’ tackles complex race relations, while ‘The Bechdel Cast’ explores skewed power dynamics

A woman in a fancy gown stands on a pile of rubble and brick as she points and stares into the distance as a man crouches behind her and looks at her with fear.
Argentina Sono Film S A C I/Courtesy

Weekly podcaps will now focus on “The Bechdel Cast,” a film podcast in the same vein as “The Rewatchables,” but centered on the female perspective with the intention of illuminating women’s voices. This week, “Overdue” tackles serious racial themes with “Native Son,” while “The Bechdel Cast” works through the issues of “What Women Want.”
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Oscar Nominations Recap

The Oscar nominations for the films of 2016 were announced this past Tuesday, and there’s a lot to talk about in regard to the field of nominees. After a slow start, 2016 quickly turned into a phenomenal year of film. Independent films displayed why that sphere is still home to
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‘Expendables 3’ is high-quality, brainless entertainment

They’re back. The washed-out, grungy, mercenary-assassin Expendables team returns to conquer another affluent bad guy in various fictional third-world countries oppressed by military corruption. Despite the change in director, the Patrick Hughes production is yet again reduced to the modern action movie archetype: guns, explosions, action sequences and corny one-liners.
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Film Fridays: Veil Pun Here

This week, Californians were at the center of the latest episode in the uncomfortable and seemingly endless debate about depictions of the prophet Mohammed. The question of how to depict the prophet and his followers — if you are to depict them at all — has been argued back and
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