Illustration about fruit, Strikeout

The etymology of fruit

If you’ve ever been curious about the origins of fruits’ names in the English language, then look no further — here’s a comprehensive list of some of the most popular fruits.
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Crowded Moffitt Library

Addressing one-up culture at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is a competitive environment and, like in many other competitive environments, one-upmanship — a culture in which people feel compelled or pressured to put other people down — seems to exist here.
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Beer cans with words "pre" and "game"

The language of drinking

Merriam-Webster says that the earliest written or printed use of “pregame” was in 2004, but it wasn’t until this past month that the word made its permanent mark on the dictionary in its newest, college-friendly form.
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Dictionary deity

As a copy editor of this publication, the bona fide final bastion against hasty mistakes, I take my job seriously as a prophet of George and Charles Merriam, wielding my holy book.
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