Breaking the chain

My eagerness and determination to change the world in a positive way (along with the inspiration I have gotten from those who support me) has helped me “break the chain” as my father once said. 
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Photo of Marina Román Cantú

Made in Mexico

Cal in Color

Whitexicans are thought of as a big joke in Mexico, from their accents to the way they dress (usually wearing a “Mexico is the s—” bomber jacket).
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An alumnus’s ambitions through adversity

Like a social pariah among victors with seemingly endless opportunities, I tactfully observed a living system of privilege and oppression that causes present and generational pain. I refused to submit to this feeling as I forged a new way forward.
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Illustration of a plate of conchas

Lost and found in translation

I know from school and dictionaries that language has defined meanings, but I learned from my experience of speaking Spanish how words also have tastes, smells, sounds and sights.
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