Tunesday: Daughter Days


Jhameel x DWNTWN x Giraffage – Move Me GO BEARS. For those of you who don’t know, up-and-comers Jhameel and Giraffage both went to UC Berkeley. Giraffage and Robert Cepeda (from DWNTWN) were roommates at one point in San Jose. This collaboration was bound to happen, just like Jay-Z and
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Goin’ Off: 10 Albums for the hip-hop layman

Ten albums for the hip-hop layman. This list has been my burden, my baby. I’ve carried it for the last month or so. Consider this the document of my labor. It began with a serious debate between me, myself and I and my knowledgeable counsel, who shall remain nameless. The questions
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Sample Sundays: Mm..Cortex and Beer

“Food! We need food!” Well, how about a sample instead? It’s all I can really give you via the internet until Wonka breaks us off with a machine that will transport giant candy bars and make them appear normal. Now, admittedly, I don’t know much of anything about the group
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