Not on the money

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: A proposed constitutional amendment that would cap out-of-state enrollment at 10 percent for each UC school is a bad idea.

Rarely has the expression “put your money where your mouth is” been more appropriate. On May 15, California state Senator Michael Rubio introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment 22, which would implement a 10 percent limit on out-of-state student enrollment at each of the 10 University of California campuses. If passed, the
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Birgeneau condemns new legislation limiting out-of-state enrollment

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau has requested that a proposed piece of state legislation that could cap out-of-state student enrollment at UC campuses be withdrawn from consideration by the state Senate. Birgeneau asked that Sen. Michael Rubio, D-Shafter, withdraw his proposed constitutional amendment — which would establish a 10 percent cap on out-of-state enrollment
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New legislation could limit out-of-state enrollment at UC campuses

A new piece of California legislation that would limit out-of-state enrollment at each UC campus will likely face opposition from the university. Senate Constitutional Amendment 22, introduced Tuesday by state Senator Michael Rubio, D-Shafter, would establish a 10 percent cap on out-of-state enrollment in any incoming class — which includes
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This is our house

HIGHER EDUCATION: A bill passing through the state Legislature that gives students more power over fee creation is the right move for California.

As the cost of public education in California continues to soar despite decreased state contribution, all three of its institutions of higher education must adapt and give students an increased say over how their money is spent. A bill authored by state Senator Michael Rubio facilitates just that. Legislators should
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State Senate bill proposes to increase CSU student influence over fees

A California state senator is pushing for legislation that would require California State University campuses to receive approval from students for campus-based mandatory fees. The bill — authored by State Senator Michael Rubio, D-Bakersfield — advanced last week through the Senate Education Committee and would require campus-based fees to pass through a
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