Illustration of a short person standing between multiple taller people and looking up.

To my fun-sized friends: A personal essay

The story of my shortness starts not with height but with a trip to Walmart with my mother. We were going there to buy my first bras to wear to school. We had both noticed the subtle tents on my chest in fourth grade, a little before I got my
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Forcing kids into STEM

Cracking the Code Ceiling

I hope that they will not be coerced into STEM just because their parents feel the need to “start early.” Instead, they should be able to ignite and pursue their own curiosity, whether it’s through putting mentos in coke or trying to burn something using a flashlight. More than anything, I wish for young girls around the world to have the freedom to do what they want.
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Field trip frenzy

Muscle Memories

I waited anxiously in my seat as my fifth-grade teacher officially announced where our annual field trip would be. With a smile, she said, “We’re going to Jekyll Island!” I immediately turned to my friends, and we looked at each other with wide eyes, trying to stifle screams of excitement.
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The geek next door

Work in Progress

As is to be expected of an arts journalist, I have never been one to quietly consume media. But it’s a different breed of fan altogether who invests time, money and often blood, sweat and tears into conventions.
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