Art’s impact on love

It started with a mutual favorite. We both held “Midnight in Paris” dear in our hearts. We had to watch it together some time. We had to. I was nervous. I started at the very edge of the couch and then slowly slid toward the middle as the jazzy tunes
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The Gatsby state of mind

Cultural cadence

“If that’s a freaking Gatsby-themed party, I’m going to stab my eyes out,” my brother scoffed as he glanced across the restaurant before taking a sip of his Old Fashioned in true Don Draper style. This was a couple of weeks ago on a typical crisp San Francisco night —
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Cat Fancies: In da (child)hood

Popular reality shows about little girls who unnaturally spray-tan a la Honey Boo Boo Child simultaneously make viewers feel like they’re regressing in intelligence and losing a grip on their youth. In the wake of this, adulthood seems to become an increasingly debilitating prospect.
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Top 10 Films of the Year

10. “Jane Eyre” A girl stumbles across the wild and stormy moors, gasping for breath. This is pretty much a requisite scene in all adaptations of “Jane Eyre,” but rarely are we thrown into it in the first few minutes of film, as in this latest interpretation from Cary Fukunaga.
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‘Paris’ delights and enchants

After a series of recent flops, Woody Allen returns with the whimsical ‘Midnight in Paris.’

Supine on a hotel bed, Inez asks Gil, “Do you really want to give it all up just to struggle?” Yes, he does. And if people like Gil didn’t give it all up, we wouldn’t have movies like Woody Allen’s 41st feature film “Midnight in Paris.” Skeptics like Inez are
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