April horoscopes for UC Berkeley students

April is here! What better way to celebrate the end of Mercury in retrograde than a few predictions into what may be coming up for you this month. As some of us are trying to snap out of the lazy hold of spring break, midterms are looking scarier than ever. Here are your horoscopes for April!
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A green hill covered in grass is empty during a cloudy day.

Verified myths that will get you through midterm season

With multiple midterms in a week, sometimes in a day, you just need to do everything you can to increase your luck and hope that the midterm gods will have mercy on your soul. With a plethora of myths floating around campus, we, at The Clog, have picked out the ones that will get you through any exam, guaranteed.
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Toxic stress culture

Cracking the Code Ceiling

“He hasn’t showered for days!” my friend exclaimed. She was telling me about a computer science student she had seen when she had visited her sister at UC Berkeley. He sat on her sister’s apartment floor, eating leftover pizza. He had been there for days, working on the same problem
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