A little goes a long way

Off the Beat

Saturday marked the fourth full day that my phone had been dead. I realized this as I woke up that afternoon a little hungover, covered in sweat and glitter, alone in my small, hot apartment. My foggy but glamorous head decided that it was probably time to fix that and
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Professors guess millennial slang: UC Berkeley edition

There’s no doubt that the professors at the best public university in the world are brilliant. But sometimes we wonder how much they really know about what’s happening in our world. Do they know what we mean when we call each other “bae” or when we say that their exams are hard “AF?” Inspired
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The Secret Life of Hickeys

The hickey exposed: a smear of magenta. The love bite interpreted: force upon flesh. We have left behind sleeves to wear hearts on our necks. Coined in the early years of the 20th century, “hickey” is an Americanism of obscure origin that, unromantically phrased by science, is nothing more than
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