The zoetrope effect

Look Back At It

Before film, kids played with zoetropes to create the illusion of motion by whirling a small band inside a slitted drum in order to project a sequence of progressive stages of one action. The effect of a zoetrope is always the sum of its parts, and to remove any singular
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To control the time

The front of my orange planner reads “To control the time.” This planner, by far, is the cheapest of the 10 planners that I have bought within the past two years, purchased for $4 at MaiDo, a stationery aficionado’s heaven. Smelling like a fresh beginning, the planner contains 64 blank
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Stop treating millennials like a punchline

Members of the millennial generation face unique challenges, and older Americans need to recognize this.

Whether it’s on the front pages of decaying media conglomerates or the stuff of “sharebait” BuzzFeed listicles, bashing — or at the very least poking fun at — millennials is “in.” In May, TIME columnist Joel Stein wrote a glitzy cover story about millennials, or, as the magazine referred to
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Financial literacy is a must

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley students should take advantage of available resources so they can learn to manage their own finances.

As a result of our country’s competitive economic landscape, current UC Berkeley students more than ever need to become fiscally savvy in order to stay afloat. While it’s true that the obstacles faced today by college students are more challenging than at any time since before World War II, this
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