Cal women’s swim team comes up short

Finishing in second place at the Pinch a Penny All Florida Invitational was not the statement the Cal women’s swimming team was hoping to make overall, however, many individual performances trumped that, and the Bears are marching out of Florida with their heads held high after this weekend. In only
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Little Miss Sunshine

After Missy Franklin became the darling of the United States in the wake of the 2012 Olympics, she made an unusual decision: Turn down millions of dollars in endorsements in order to swim at Cal. Now, she continues to dance through life.

Missy Franklin always has a smile dancing at the edge of her mouth. Even when she’s just talking, she looks like she’s smiling, ready to burst out into a laugh. When she laughs — which is often — she doesn’t sound like Tinkerbell, as the name Missy might suggest. She
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