Mi vida con Frida

Cutting Room Floor

I imagined that Frida was a woman who grappled with the same identity struggle that I had been toying with my entire life.
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The names they’ve called me

The Half of It

“Oh God, not again,” I thought to myself as a new Tinder match messaged me. “So… what are you?” I could honestly make a living from charging $5 every time I’ve been asked this question. My ethnic ambiguity is so confusing to people that they feel entitled to know exactly
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Only half

Cal in Color

When I was seven years old, my white uncle called me a worthless n-word in the middle of an argument. As I sobbed uncontrollably at my grandmother’s feet, I realized that racism can trump family. Being half- Black and half-white, I fall in between two identities. I realized then that
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Retracted: Crossing the line

Off the Beat

Editor’s note: This column has been retracted because of personal safety concerns. “Off the Beat” columns are written by Daily Cal staff members until the fall semester’s regular opinion writers have been selected. Contact the opinion desk at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @dailycalopinion.

Hold the mayo, please

Sex on Tuesday

“Choke on it,” he commanded in a deep guttural voice that made my dick deflate like a punctured air mattress. He was the athletic, 6-foot-something white-type that freshman me had been wet dreaming about for years. His body, chiseled to perfection, made me anxiously hard from the moment I ripped
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