America’s Soccer Quagmire

Vik-Tory Lap

I desperately hope that LAFC helps bring the MLS and United States soccer to new heights, but unfortunately, neither the club, nor columns like these are likely to effect that change.
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MLS should change a flawed system

This Friday marks the start of the 22nd season for Major League Soccer, and even though this is a noteworthy milestone, it looks like the American game will never grow to a global level. One of MLS’ biggest objectives is to have a level of competition like that of Europe’s
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Cal alumni, MLS All-Star Team falls to Arsenal, 2-1

The United States prides itself in being the best at many sports. Basketball, baseball and football are not internationally competitive, as the U.S. is always the dominating force. This is not the case, however, in one sport: soccer. Ever since play began in 1996, Major League Soccer, or MLS, has
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My MLS address

I never was a Chivas USA fan, but it pained me when I realized that the club had played its final game in 2014. It was tough for me to deal with the fact that one of Major League Soccer’s most peculiar experiments actually ended the way I always expected,
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Manifest destiny

The first person with multiple sclerosis to play in the MLS, former Cal soccer player Demitrius Omphroy has become a symbol of hope.

Former Cal soccer player has always dreamed of a career playing professional soccer, and last year he achieved it when he was drafted by Toronto FC in the MLS Draft. Now the only player with MS in league history has turned his attention to raising awareness for the disease, becoming a symbol of hope for MS patients everywhere.
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