Illustration of person spraying field with herbicides

Campus herbicide use works against UC’s sustainable mission

We, students within the UC system, are writing to express our support for the temporary glyphosate suspension. This suspension encourages continued reflection on the impacts of our reliance on synthetic herbicides and emboldens the UC system to assert responsible behavior in campus management without the use of synthetic herbicides.
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Genetic modification technology benefits smallholder farms

Three letters can quickly turn lackadaisical shoppers at a farmers market, diners at a restaurant or families at dinner tables quite sour: GMO. When challenged to expand this acronym into its full form, vehement oppositionists to this technology are often found fumbling for the words “genetically modified organism.” What is
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An apple a day: Healthy for all?

Have you ever looked down the aisle in a grocery store and wondered, “How did all of this get here?” When considering processed foods, the answer can be rather long and complicated. In the produce section, however, one would think that fruits and vegetables would have an easily identifiable source.
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Genetic meddling is nothing new

Two Steps Forward

UC Berkeley has been on the forefront of genetic engineering research since the subject’s birth. Our university, known as both a scientific powerhouse and a moral anchor, has produced much scholarship and innovation on the subject, including, more recently, both support for and opposition to Proposition 37, the failed 2012
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