App of the Week: student edition

To shake you out of your post-Independence Day hangover, we’re going to give you four tiny technological tidbits that’ll really excite you, though you’ll probably appreciate them more once you’ve recovered your sobriety. All four of these apps abide by the following exceedingly important criteria (we only made up one
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Big names and bigger thrills in ‘Now You See Me’

Star cast conjures crime in compelling summer caper

Besides clowns, magicians have the misfortune of being everyone’s least favorite entertainers. They are often cheesy, tacky, deceptive and, above all else, sequined. However, with a dynamic plot as his cape and a star-studded cast as his wand, director Louis Leterrier takes this tired image and makes it disappear. “Now
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Why Chancellor Birgeneau is ready to step down

After nine years atop one of the world’s best universities, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will be ending his reign in just about a month. His resignation, largely overshadowed by the now-infamous and now-nonexistent unibrow of Chancellor-Elect Nicholas Dirks, is now a looming inevitability. Yet, the physics professor appears to be intent
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