Put your butt in these places

Anthony Martinez/File

Eating, scrolling through memes and pooping — all the best parts of life are done sitting down. It also means you aren’t standing, jogging or doing anything else that could be considered exercise. The fold-out chairs of lecture halls are decent enough, but not all seats are created equal. Some
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The last headline I wrote for the Daily Cal

On Feb. 12, 2013, I Instagrammed a poorly filtered picture of Doe Library and the Campanile with the caption “#home.” I know this for two reasons: One, because I am a Millennial who is far too aware of her presence on social media, and two, because I think I’ll always remember the feeling I had when I took that picture more than three years ago.
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Where should you pretend to study?

Most of us are still in a state of denial over the dawn of a new semester. We don’t have our books, notebooks or pens, which means we can’t possibly be expected to accomplish anything remotely resembling work. But we want to project the appearance of accomplishment. To help you look
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