Sex on Friday

Cal in Color

photo of columnist Moideen Moidunny

Sociocultural ideologies have affected my understanding and approach to not just my sexuality, but to women in general.
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photo of Kino Farr


Love was the only thing that we could always afford. And it was worth more than any gift or dollar amount.
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My mother as a Salvador Dalí

Kind of chaos

My mother taught me how to love art. She taught me to look for detail, to hold space for emotional impact, to decide for myself what feels beautiful.
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On becoming my mother

Off the Beat

In high school, I was unremarkable in all the usual ways: insecure, stressed and embarrassed. I was embarrassed of everything about myself — my style, my thoughts, my lack of athletic abilities and, of course, my mother. I grew up in Massachusetts, amidst a sea of fast-walking students fast-tracked for
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