Bipartisanship at UC Berkeley: Can we just talk?

Photo of the American Flag
From Sovereign to Serf - Roger Sayles/Creative Commons

Watching the livestream, I thought that the thrust of my piece would be fairly simple. In the wake of the 2020 election, the United States faces unprecedented division. Bipartisanship is good and important. The campus community is hugely left-leaning, and we should be more open to conservative viewpoints — so let’s talk.There is, however, a lot more to the issue of bipartisanship than the simplistic argument I had built up in my mind. I came to see that all three seemingly straightforward prongs of my hypothesis were problematic or debatable in various ways.
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More misinformed voters

We must hold our institutions accountable to disseminating all the news that is fit to print — for our democracy’s very survival depends upon it.
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Cal, are you experienced?

Given Insight

You see it on the snickering smiles of new acquaintances after introducing yourself as a Berkeley student. You hear it in the endlessly annoying jokes your reactionary uncle cracks about “those commies at Cal.” You feel it walking to class each day passing monuments like the Mario Savio Steps and
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