The troubling history of Muir Woods that isn’t always told

Photo of Muir Woods
Adrian Fontao/Staff

I am thankful for the way in which the National Park Service has chosen to actively rectify history through alterations and frequent tree talks. I’ve learned that, while everything on the original timeline is technically true, history is always under construction. We must remain conscious of the way in which stories are told and passed onto future generations, aiming to ensure that they remain true, fair and just.
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Mini-trip ideas to get away from Berkeley

It’s that point in the semester. We all feel it. With the weariness of midterms dragging on and the grunge of Berkeley seeping into your soul, you start to question if you can really carry on like this for another two months. But no worries, there’s a cure. We at the
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Picks of the week: Self-cultivation

It’s springtime, and the entire world seems to be blooming. But flowers and trees don’t have to be the only ones spreading their leaves! In this final push before the end of the semester, take some time out of your schedule to do the activities that allow you to bloom.
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30 trips to take before class starts

So here you are at Berkeley, lounging again in your room, mulling in your head about whether you’ve milked every last sun-swollen drop of the season. For those of you with adventure still buzzing in your veins, we at The Daily Clog have prepared a list of the perfect weekend
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