Lit with Lindsay: Living poetry

Cars zipped by, headlights burning trails in the dark, as I walked with a workshop leader from CalSLAM along Bancroft Way, from the basement of Barrows Hall to Caffe Strada. At that moment, I desperately wished that I, too, were driving somewhere far away, as I tried to think of
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Hip-hop duo Blue Scholars talks about lessons learned, effect on lyrics

Friday’s “Night of Cultural Resistance” brought students and other members of the Berkeley community together to celebrate  and educate on the subjects of rootedness, resilience, creativity and survival. Organized by the Multicultural Community Center, the campus department of cross-cultural student development, the ASUC Office of the President and ASUC SUPERB, the
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Threaded Souls Project presents fashion show

Student fashion show explores clothing as means of self-expression

How do we use fashion as a form of expression? What are we intentionally and unintentionally telling others in our dress? Kristin Aquino and Darrin Wallace, the creators of the Threaded Souls Project, aimed to address these questions at last week’s fashion show held in UC Berkeley’s Multicultural Community Center.
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