Celebrate New Year’s Eve with free rides, longer hours for Bay Area public transit

Photo of BART station platform
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff
BART will be extending its hours with a 1 a.m. dispatch for New Year's Eve. Bay Area public transportation services AC Transit and San Francisco's Muni will be eliminating fares from Dec. 31 at 8 p.m. until New Year's Day at 5 a.m.

Public transportation services in the Bay Area will eliminate fares and extend hours on New Year’s Eve to accommodate celebrators and workers with late-night shifts. 
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Eleventh Twelfth

Cutting Room Floor

I can’t explain why November is my favorite month. When anyone asks, I say that it’s because my ascendant sign is Scorpio and hope that they buy it and that they won’t try to debate me on whether or not astrology is real in the first place. Ten novembers ago
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Survival tips for the BART apocalypse

If you haven’t been affected by the BART strike, you obviously don’t live in the Bay Area. From all the politics behind the BART system — and even our AC Transit system — the whole East Bay and San Francisco are basically reeling. It’s absolute chaos. While the BART employees have
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5 p.m. BART: a commuter’s mission

Where would we be without BART? We would all be suffocating to death within the Berkeley bubble. Without BART, we wouldn’t be able to conveniently embark on our San Francisco explorations or adventure to other Bay Area destinations. But the story changes as soon as 5 p.m. rolls around — that’s
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